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July 15, 2013

Frozen Art for Kids

Beat the Heat with Ice Art

Beat the heat this summer with these 12 ways to paint with ICE!

Being right in the middle of summer we are all about ice and water play.  In addition to play, my boys still look for their daily art activity.  What is the best way to create art in summer? By focusing on ice art!  Here are our favorite frozen art activities for kids.

Frozen Art for Kids

We love making ice art sculptures and shared a fun place to make them while containing all the mess.  Since then we have also made ice art on a much smaller scale.  For one of my weekly play dates I froze water in take and toss cups, so each child at the play date could make his own sculpture.  It was a huge hit with all of the children.  This is one frozen activity we never tire of.

This recipe for frozen sidewalk chalk paint from Reading Confetti is pure genius!  As soon as I saw her post I knew I needed to try it with my boys.  They love the frozen chalk painting, and so did I!  The best part was that I could pop the lid back on the unused chalk paint and put it back in the freezer for another day.

We love painting with ice!  In addition to painting we love ice paint for frozen sensory play.  It's a simple and exciting way to beat the heat through play.

Isn't this frozen art gorgeous?  What an amazing way to spend a summer evening with your kids.  Housing a Forest has brilliant ideas for art with kids, and this glowing ice is no exception.

Painting Glowing Ice

Combine frozen chalk paint with oil and watch the materials repel each other.  The results are absolutely breathtaking.

Combining ice chalk and oil - a simple and gorgeous art activity for kids

This art activity from Toddler Approved can be done again and again, all on the same block of ice!

These frozen cubes of liquid watercolor paint had me mesmerized as the colors mixed to create breathtaking art.  See the different colors we combined for glorious results.

Nurturestore added colored salt to ice to create beautiful sculptures.

ice play ice art

We had so much fun with these smoothie paints!  They were just the right amount of chilly on a hot summer day.

Add some yummy scents to frozen chalk for art and play with added sensory benefit like Fun at Home with Kids.

Frozen Scented Chalk from Fun at Home with Kids

Change up the classic frozen chalk paint recipe and give it ingredients that pop and fizz, creating beautiful art outside.

How to make erupting ice chalk paint - summer recipe for play!

Okay, so this art activity isn't actually frozen, but I couldn't help but include it.  Water balloons count, right?  My boys would be all over this idea for painting with water balloons from Meri Cherry.

Balloon Art - Great Painting Activity for Kids

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12 ways to beat the heat this summer through ART - frozen art activities for kids


  1. Super cool ideas! Now that I've braved a little but of outdoor messy play, these cool ideas are catching my attention! Great list! We used some of the reading confetti ice chalk to make a sensory bin for our Mondrian week, that is a great recipe! Gonna have to check them all out!

  2. Such great summer, cool-off activities! Thanks for sharing them!


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