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July 11, 2012

Water Play Sensory Bin for Babies

Baby Water Play

The big boys and I have been engaging in water play pretty much every day for the past two months.  We love the warmer months, and we've been having a blast adding different toys and supplies to the play pool.

Tank and Peanut (12 months) do not care for the play pool.  They love bath time, so I know they enjoy water.  For some reason they hate the pool.

To give them an opportunity to join in the water play without putting them directly in it, I threw a few simple toys into one of our sensory bins and filled it with water.  This simple water sensory bin is perfect for babies to explore and splash without fully immersing themselves.

The sensory bin made them MUCH happier than the pool did!

They played with it every day for a good three weeks.  It was the perfect solution to water fun while leaving them in control of how wet they got.

The older boys also loved the water bin.
(Peanut's expression says, "Hey, move over, this is mine!") 

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These Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers are the toys I included in the bin.  They are cool for scooping, and watching water run through. Each cup has a different opening, so water pours through different in each one.  They also link together, nest and stack.  

Of course, no special toy needs to be purchased for a water bin.  Grab a few cups and tupperware containers.  Maybe throw in a spoon or two.  Funnels make great water toys.

 For more water play ideas follow my Fun in the Sun board on Pinterest.

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  1. What a great water play solution. I love this! For us, the baby loves the pool, but the toddler doesn't...

  2. I love this idea for babies! And your boys are adorable!!!

  3. This is so cute, I think it is a great idea and I really like your blog :)

  4. How fun. I love your water toys I need to pick up a few new ones for such things. Thanks for dropping by and linking up to learn through play today!

  5. Fab idea, if we ever get summer I will try this with Millie, she is 7months and can sit up now so perfect for her!

  6. oh, so fun! looks like they had a lot of fun! it just amazes me the fascination that babies have with water. thanks for linking up, dear!

  7. It really is the simple toys that can fill hours with fun. My guy loved doing this too.

  8. Congrats on being the #4 most clicked link on Homeschooling on the Cheap this past week. Thanks for sharing on my blog. Stop in and see your feature. You'll get a shout out on my Facebook, Twitter and on my Pinterest page, too!
    Have a super week and stop in and link up in the new linky!


  9. LOVE it! We did almost the exact activity, except he was in the bin! It was my guest post for Toddler Approved! http://www.toddlerapproved.com/2012/06/water-baby-sensory-bin-via-iowa-farmers.html Great minds think alike! :) I love your photos and that your older boys joined right in! So did my daughter!

  10. A great idea for keeping the children cool in this hot hot weather

  11. Looks like great fun for all, there is something so soothing about pouring water form container to container. Thanks for adding this to the outdoor play link up.

  12. Water play is such a great sensory activity. I can tell they are learning so much! Thanks for linking up at Mom's Library


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