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February 13, 2015

Frozen Inspired Foaming Sensory Play

Are you kids tired of Frozen yet?  Mine sure aren't.  They still walk around singing, "Let it Goooo!"  

Elsa's Frozen heart - foaming sensory play that will dazzle all the Frozen fans out there.

Elsa's Frozen Heart Sensory Play

I knew immediately when I saw these magic foaming treasure stars from Fun at Home with Kids that my boys would love to make some.  Last summer we had a blast turning some of our favorite play recipes into Frozen inspired sensory play.  I decided to turn the magic foaming treasure stars into Frozen hearts like Elsa's frozen heart.

Frozen foaming sensory play

The boys had so much fun with this that we did it two days in a row.  The prep time was easy, but you do have to plan ahead and freeze the stars.  I can't even begin to describe how cool the shooting colors are the moment the ingredients start to react.

Foaming hearts sensory play and science fun for kids!

After oohing and ahhing over the colors the boys had to stick their hands in and play with the foam.

Foaming sensory play

Follow Asia's instructions to make your own foaming treasures, and trust me, your kids will thank you.  Be sure to check out my review of Asia's book 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids and order your own copy today!

Foaming sensory play

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Science fun with Elsa's Frozen heart - sensory play for Frozen fans of all ages

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  1. These sound a lot of fun for my little girl, but I guess in the "Love of Movies" department she's a little different. She found my Lilo & Stitch movie collection/series and will not let it go. XD

  2. I love this idea and want to use it for my daughter's Frozen Birthday Party. Did you put the glitter in the hearts or in the vinegar? Thanks!


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