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July 14, 2014

Watermelon Foam Dough

Watermelon Foam Dough - Summer Recipe for Play

How to make foam dough that smells just like a watermelon - SUMMER FUN RECIPE FOR PLAY!

The day after we shared our watermelon eruptions we mixed up a batch of watermelon foam dough.  I just realized that I never shared it!  We've made erupting candy corn foam dough, and erupting sand foam dough, but since we had just made watermelon eruptions the day before I stuck with traditional foam dough for this summer fun recipe for play.

making watermelon foam dough

How to Make Watermelon Foam Dough

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how to make watermelon foam dough

The boys each took turns adding an ingredient to our watermelon bowl.  (We ate all of the watermelon before mixing up this dough in the empty rind.)  JZ (7) squirted almost an entire can of shaving cream into the watermelon.  Peanut (35 months) poured in the cornstarch.  We didn't measure, but it was about 3/4 of the box.  Tank (35 months) dumped the watermelon flavored Jello, and J-Bug (4) sprinkled a few black bean on top of the mixture to act as watermelon seeds.

How to make watermelon foam dough - sensory play for SUMMER

Once all of the ingredients were added to the watermelon bowl, the boys eagerly dug in and began mixing up the foam dough.

JZ was obsessed with the scent.

Super scented foam dough - it reminds me of a treat on a hot summer day!

Not only did the watermelon Jello smell great, but it also colored the foam dough to a nice pink shade.

Sensory play with watermelon foam dough

All four of my boys played with it at one point, but JZ played the longest.  Cornstarch and shaving cream are his two favorite sensory materials, so when they are combined he is in sensory heaven.

How to make watermelon foam dough - sensory play for summer!

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This dough recipe is awesome and smells just like a watermelon!  It's fluffy, soft, squishy, and easy to make!

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