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May 22, 2014

Sun Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Sun Unit Study

12 hands on activities to learn about the sun in preschool and kindergarten.

Our sun study has come to an end, and we are actually well into our study of the moon.  J-Bug and I had a great time learning about the sun using My Father's World kindergarten curriculum.  We did several hands on activities to aid in learning, including many ideas from around the web.  Here are our favorite activities to learn about the sun.

12 Activities to Learn about the Sun

We did a simple demonstration with a flashlight and a globe to learn about day and night.

We made day and night sensory bins to learn through play.

Adorable sun snack from Creative Food.

Just like The Pleasantest Thing we did some shadow science.

We learned how to make a sundial to tell time via sunlight.

How to make a sundial - hands on activities to learn about the sun

Gorgeous salad spinner sun art from De tout et de rien.

I love these sun and rain sensory bottles from Creative Family Fun.  These would have been perfect for my twin toddlers during our sun study.

We did an experiment with growing bean seeds to see what happened to seeds left in the dark compared to seeds that get plenty of sunlight.

Simple science experiment to demonstrate how the sun gives us life

Paper plate sunshine craft from Crystal's Tiny Treasures. 

I love how Creative Family Fun combined science and art to create these sun prints.

Adorable sun mobile from One Charming Party.

I think J-Bug's favorite activity to study the sun was making raisins.  It took a good deal of patience, but the results were worth the wait.

Making raisins - sun science for kids

The best part of our sun study was learning about how God created the sun and that Jesus is the light of the world.  All of our activities revolved around Jesus being our light.

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12 hands on activities to learn about the sun in preschool and kindergarten.
sun image courtesy of Dan at freedigitalphotos.net


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