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March 10, 2014

Tape Resist Art on Foil

Easy Art Projects for Kids - Tape Resist Art

Tape resist art on foil - such a cool technique, and you probably have all the needed supplies on hand!

We're back with more Easy Art Projects for Kids.  Last time we made erupting watercolor absorption art while exploring watercolors.  The theme today is resist art.  We recently made rainbows with contact paper resist art, and we have even taken tape resist art into the shower!  To put a spin on a favorite activity this time I set up an invitation to create resist art on foil.  

Creating tape resist art on foil - What a fun texture to paint on, and I just love the results.

How to Make Tape Resist Art with Foil

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I taped foil to square pieces of cardboard to keep the foil secure.  Before taping it down we squished it and crumpled it a bit to give it more texture.  We used craft tape to block off random designs on the foil.  Painters tape or even masking tape should work in place of craft tape.  Foil tears easily, so use caution when choosing the type of tape.  We pressed all the tape firmly onto the foil to be avoid getting paint under the tape.

Once the tape was secure, the boys got to painting.  I mixed a squirt of dish soap in each color, because it helps the paint stick to the foil without flaking off.

Cool art for kids - tape resist art on a foil canvas

Initially JZ (6) used one color per section.  When a little bit of the red and orange paints combined he decided to mix both colors all over to create different shades of orange, red, and pink.

J-Bug (4) went for a more eclectic approach.

After mixing several colors he finished up his project with solid colors in each section.

The next step took quite a bit of patience on the boys' part.  They were so eager to see their designs, but the paint needed to dry overnight.  Since foil doesn't absorb at all paint takes longer to dry than on paper.

Once the paint had completely dried I carefully peeled the tape off of the foil.  I highly recommend doing this step for your kids since foil is so fragile.  We were all impressed with the results.

Tape resist art on a foil canvas - art for kids

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  1. I love art projects that involve materials you have on hand. This one looks like a lot of fun and makes me think of stained glass. That could be a great "part two" project: look at images of stained glass and use this technique to make your own.

  2. Great idea! I will definitely give this a try with my girls. Thank you!

  3. I love this idea and how cool the crackled foil looks. What a great textural effect!

  4. This is so vibrant and fun! Love it!


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