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March 15, 2013

ABC Tape Resist Art in the Shower {Wash and Learn}

Today I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to join the Wash and Learn series from Bath Activities for Kids and In Lieu of Preschool!  The Wash and Learn series is a way for children to learn through play in the bath tub or shower.  I recently shared a guest post on Bath Activities for Kids inspired by Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book.  JZ and J-Bug loved the learning activity in the shower so much that I knew immediately I wanted to create more learning fun at bath time

Thank you to Bath Activities for Kids and In Lieu of Preschool for inviting me to join in the Wash and Learn series.  Bath Activities for Kids and In Lieu of Preschool are both members of The Play Group with me, and I'm excited to collaborate with them on this series.

The first Wash and Learn activity I am sharing with you is ABC Tape Resist Art in the Shower.

It took me about fifteen minute to set up this ABC tape resist art activity in the shower.  I used white craft tape to form letters on the shower walls.  Due to the amount of space available I stuck with capital letters only.


I gave JZ (5) and J-Bug (3) spray bottles with full of liquid watercolors.  Note:  I filled the spray bottles about 20 percent full of liquid watercolors then topped the rest off with water.  The colors were still nice and bright, and I was able to stretch our liquid watercolors further.

I didn't instruct the boys to paint directly on the craft tape letters, but that is what they did initially.  I expected that they would paint all over, and then we would pull the tape up to see the letters pop. Spray bottles are so much fun for kids, and spraying helps to build fine motor skills I anticipated this activity centering around the art exploration, but they surprised me by focusing directly on the letters at first. 

They had so much fun painting on the tape.  With each letter they sprayed they pointed to the letter and said the sound.  This Wash and Learn activity showed me that J-Bug really knows his letter sounds.  "The I says /i/-/i/-icky!" he shouted with delight while spraying the I.

Of course it wouldn't be a true painting experience in our house without a little body painting.

After painting the letters they painted all over the shower walls, resulting in a beautiful display.

We love to bring liquid watercolors in the tub or shower, and at some point the activity usually turns into a spray war.

Watercolors are one of my favorite art mediums.  They are simply beautiful.

I love the way the colors beaded on the shower walls.

Even the way it dripped was gorgeous.

We made sure all the letters were good and painted.

Then the boys and I peeled the craft tape from the shower wall.  Note:  We didn't have any issues in the shower, but if for any reason you get sticky residue I've had good luck with goo gone for removing adhesive.  Peeling tape is another excellent exercise for building fine motor skills.

The results were exquisite.  The boys and I love tape resist art.  It never gets old.  Being in the shower the lines weren't as crisp as they are on paper, but the letters were clear nonetheless.  The boys were impressed.

Wiping the letters off was as much fun as spraying the paint.

J-Bug even used his feet.

Next it was time to dye their hair.  Note:  Their hair rinsed clean immediately, but the liquid watercolors took a few days to fade completely from their skin.

Rinsing away the colors on the shower wall was half the fun.  Note:  You might want to test a small area of your own bath or shower to be sure the color will rinse away clean.

I recently wrote a post with Tips and Tricks for Messy Play, and one of the suggestions I made was to keep messy play in the bath or shower.  This was definitely a messy activity, but when Wash and Learn time was over, all the mess washed down the drain.

For more ideas for fun in the tub or shower follow my Alphabet Games and Activities board on Pinterest.  The board is brand new, but before long it will be packed with ideas for making bath time fun.

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  1. So glad you are joining up with us for Wash & Learn. This shower time looks so fun!! :)

  2. I love the photos Allison! Art in the bath is one of our favorites! I am so excited to have you joining the series!


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