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March 13, 2013

Cross Suncatcher {Easter Craft for Kids}

Cross Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Last week I posted a round up of 10 Cross Crafts for Kids.  The purpose of that post was to remind myself (and hopefully inspire others) to do crafts and activities with a focus on the Resurrection.   The first cross craft I want to share with you this Easter season is a large cross suncatcher

Simple cross suncatcher art project for kids

I set up an invitation for my boys to create a cross suncatcher by taping contact paper, sticky side out, to our sliding glass door in the shape of a cross.  I put a bin of colored tissue squares under the cross.

How to a Cross Suncatcher

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No matter how many times we do contact paper crafts, JZ never gets tired of the sticky texture.

My favorite thing about this cross suncatcher project was watching the four boys work together.  JZ is 5, J-Bug is 3, and Tank and Peanut are 20 months.  As we worked we talked about how a cross reminds us of Christ's sacrifice.  

Sticky collage art is perfect for toddlers.  It is open ended and easy.

Simple cross suncatcher art project for kids

Tissue paper squares have an added sensory element.  Keep a close eye on toddlers at all times while doing crafts.

I think it's important to set up both individual and collaborative projects for kids.  With individual crafts they are free to create how they wish.  With collaborative projects they learn to work together, compromise and respect one another's opinions. 

Simple cross suncatcher art project for kids

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Toddler friendly cross suncatcher - Easter craft for kids

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  1. It looks like they had a blast creating this project.

  2. i love the size of this! it was perfect for all of them to work together. pinned

  3. I love how you made it so big. They are so precious, BTW!

  4. I *love* how BIG this is! I'm including this in my preschool Easter round up at http://preschoolpowolpackets.blogspot.com/2013/03/29-easter-activities-for-preschoolers.html -- let me know if that's a problem!


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