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April 18, 2012

Painting with Trucks

Painting with Trucks - Art for Kids

Painting with trucks - a simple art project for kids with very little prep time required!

Painting with trucks is a classic art activity for kids to watch colors blend and see the tracks left by different tires.  It's a great way to paint without brushes, and it requires very little prep.  That's my kind of art project!  My little guys love painting with cars and trucks.  In fact, almost every time we create a new homemade paint recipe, eventually the cars and trucks come out to take a ride in the new paint.

An invitation to paint with trucks

How to Paint with Trucks

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Painting with trucks - art for kids

This is one of those activities that doesn't need an explanation.  I set up a simple invitation to paint with trucks for my toddler twins, Tank and Peanut (33 months).

Painting with trucks

I used paint cans from our garage to weigh down the butcher paper on our driveway.  Rocks or anything heavy can be used.

Painting with trucks

I squirted paint on the butcher paper and invited them to grab trucks of different sizes and tires.

Painting with trucks

No instructions or encouragement was needed for them to get to painting.

Painting with trucks

Of course it was an incredibly messy art project.  Here are tips for messy playas well as laundry tips to avoid stains and keep clothes bright.  Please note:  Some areas of our driveway didn't rinse clean despite the fact that we used washable paint.  I don't worry too much, because my husband can easily wash them with his power washer.  If staining is a concern I highly recommend layering a splat mat under the butcher paper.  Shower curtains from Dollar Tree work great for this.  Old towels would also work.

Painting with trucks - exploratory art for toddlers

I love this time of year, because it's warm enough to do messy sensory and art projects and then rinse off with the hose.  I filled a bin of water when the boys were done painting, and they brought their trucks over to wash clean.

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Making prints with toy trucks

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