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January 14, 2014

Circle Painting

Art for Kids - Circle Painting

Circle painting art for kids - forget the paintbrushes and get creative!

Painting is a favorite activity around here.  Of course we have our favorites that we reach for regularly, but sometimes I like to throw in something new.  Exploring printmaking is an easy way to create art with kids of all ages.  Just look around your house and grab what you have! 

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Art for kids - Exploring circle printing

Easy Method for Circle Printing

We have a ton of jello shot containers (for lack of a better name) leftover from our Glowing Pumpkin Slime Party Favors, so circle printing seemed the obvious activity to try.

To set up the invitation I squirted some paint on the butcher paper and set the containers next to it.  Then I left the boys to get to creating.

Circle printing - simple art exploration for kids

J-Bug (4) painting circle after circle, making a rainbow of colorful prints.  When the paint ran low he eagerly refilled.

JZ (6), on the other hand, was obsessed with the Make it Shimmer product.  He kept adding more and more to the paint, carefully watching it mix and give the paint a beautiful shine.

Once he deemed the colors sufficiently shiny JZ decided to making hand prints instead of circle prints.

Of course J-Bug saw the fun his brother was having and decided that smearing all his circles would be cool.  He was right.  The results were quite lovely.  Watching the process is my favorite part of art with kids.  I love watching their little minds work while they paint and create.

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