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January 8, 2012

Glow Beads

I used to have a light table. I had it for many, many years. I bought it for dry embossing, and I think I used it two or three times at the most. Sometime in the past year I finally decided to stop storing it, and I gave it away. Of course as soon as it is gone I found a use for it. Here is one of the many blog posts from Play At Home Mom using a light table. 

After our first experience with water beads the other day I am longing to have that light table back! It would be so cool! Instead of spending a lot of money on a new one I'll probably make one of the DIY light tables I've seen on Pinterest.

Sometimes JM has a really hard time waking up from his nap. I don't wake up easily, so I understand this and do my best to be patient with his meltdowns. The best way to get him to snap out of it is to engage in play with him. When he woke up grumpy I saw the sensory bin still full of water beads and remembered the glow sticks in the freezer leftover from our glow bath, and an idea hit me.

It was so cool to see how the waterbeads became iridescent with the light shining through.  Now I want a light table even more than before!

JM wanted to gather all of the sticks and separate them from the water beads.

For awhile he dumped and poured, his favorite sensory play.

He asked me if I wanted a latte and put a glow stick in the middle of a container full of beads like a straw.  I love the way kids play.

"Mommy, now I'm making one for you.  This one is yours."
"I'll have a drink first, because we share."

Then he decided the latte needed lots of straws.


After awhile he wanted the glow sticks back in with the water beads.

Then he was done with them and scattered them on the floor while he played garbage truck with the water beads.

While making sound effects he uses his hands to grab the containers like a garbage truck grabs a trash can and dumps.

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  1. Look at how cool those glue sticks look with all of the water beads. How colorful! We too have yet to get our light table, but this is definitely a great way to have some light up fun with water beads in the meantime. Thanks for linking up on our water bead page :)


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