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January 6, 2012

Ball Toss

One of our favorite games is ball toss.  We grab the bin of balls from the toy shelf and three baskets or buckets.  We use a variety of balls for several reasons.  

1.  It's what we own.  No need to run out and spend more money
2.  Each ball has a different shape and texture making this a sensory activity.
3.  The varying sizes and weights of the balls require different amounts of force and aim when throwing.

Set up took less than three minutes, and the game created an hour of outdoor fun.  If weather doesn't permit outdoor play this can be done in the garage as shown HERE.  You could also play indoors, but you would probably want to use soft/light balls only.    

J-Bug grabbed this hat out of the costume bin in his room and told me, "Mom, I'm Jesse with Woody's hat."


We didn't have any rules or method. We just threw the balls into the baskets. Once the ball bin was empty we collected all the balls and started again.

Sometimes when we play we put a basket on its side and roll the balls in.

For older children you could let them have three tries per turn and aim to get one ball in each basket.
Another option would be to label each basket with a point value like in Ski Ball, so they strive to make it in the furthest one.
You could also have them throw one ball standing close to the baskets.  With each successful throw have them take a step back.
With the right kind of ball on cement or asphalt you could have the children try to bounce the ball then land in a basket.

For younger children let them walk right up to the basket and drop the ball in.
A crawler could join in the fun with age appropriate balls (that can go in the mouth) and a short basket.

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