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August 18, 2014

Erupting Color Mixing Art

Two favorites in our house are color mixing activities and erupting art.  Every since I saw the blended colors left from our rainbow eruptions I've been planning this erupting color mixing art project.

How to make gorgeous art with color mixing eruptions

Color Mixing Art for Kids

Does anyone else go through as much baking soda and vinegar as we do?  I feel like I buy one of each every time I visit Costco.  I can't help it.  There are just so many cool ways to make eruptions.

Making baking soda paint

How to Make Color Mixing Art Eruptions

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How to make baking soda paint

Directions:  I mixed up a batch of baking soda paint to create our art eruptions.  To make baking soda paint mix liquid watercolors with water then add the colored water to baking soda and mix well.    Liquid watercolors give off more vibrant colors, but food coloring will also work.  I added more color than I normally to do leave behind bright colors on our art project, and I actually wished I had used even more.  Bottom line:  use a lot of color.

It would be fun to experiment with a variety of colors.  I stuck with primary colors for this project.  Once the baking soda paints were mixed I took them outside and set up an invitation to create erupting art.

Erupting baking soda paint recipe - Explore color theory through erupting art!

I set out watercolor paper, the paint, and squeezy bottles full of vinegar.  Watercolor paper will show off the best results, but any thick paper should work.  Avoid thin paper since it will tear.

An invitation to create color mixing art eruptions

Peanut and Tank (3) each approached the erupting art project differently.  Peanut emptied an entire bottle into each color while Tank add just enough vinegar to the paint to watch it bubble at the top of the jar.  It cracked me up watching him be so precise when the idea of this invitation to to create big overflowing eruptions.

How to make erupting art

To contain the mess I covered the table we used with a cheap shower curtain, and I put a bin under the table to catch any overflow.  We were working outside, so I wasn't too concerned.  If we were inside I would have put the paper and paints inside a bin to avoid any spills.

Gorgeous art eruptions for kids - color mixing science and art in one!

The colors blended beautifully on the watercolor paper.  When the boys were done I hung the papers up to dry.  (I also forgot to take a photo of the finished projects.)

Color mixing art eruptions - art and science in one simple activity

Of course, no baking color mixing activity would be complete without a little pouring to combine the colors.

Color mixing with our favorite erupting paint recipe

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