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October 28, 2013

Preschool Math Games with Playdough Turkeys

Counting Practice and Number Recognition with Playdough

Counting practice, number recognition and one to one correspondence with playdough turkeys.  Playful learning in preschool.

In my never ending quest to make learning fun and provide hands on educational activities for my boys, I set up an invitation to create playdough turkeys and work on preschool math skills.  We played a few simple math games that focused on number recognition, counting practice, and one to one correspondence.  Making playdough turkeys also added an element of creativity to the process.

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I set out all the elements with our chocolate playdough and invited J-Bug (4) to join me.  JZ (6) wanted to play as well.

First we created the turkeys.  I left this project open ended and let the boys use their imaginations.

How to Use Playdough for Preschool Math

Once the boys had put together a couple of playdough turkeys I set numbers in front of the turkeys.  I also set out the corresponding number of buttons.  J-Bug put the correct amount of feathers in each turkey.

In addition to preschool math skills this activity builds fine motor skills.

J-Bug did the numbers 1-10 before we called it quits.  Then he and JZ played with the playdough and made some pretty special turkeys.

J-Bug's turkey reminded me of an Angry Bird or a Bad Piggy.

I told JZ his turkey looked like a pumpkin, and he replied, "No it's a turkey wearing his Halloween costume."  Ha!  Love that kid.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! My daughter would love that and I think we have all the suppliers at home.
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