July 24, 2013

Sensory Activity with Shaving Cream and Water Beads

Shaving Cream and Water Beads

Combining two favorite sensory materials for a whole new sensory activity!

We love shaving cream play, and ever since I first saw the combination of shaving cream and water beads on Dirt and Boogers last summer I've been wanting to try it.  Would you believe it took me until now to do it?  It's been on my to do list far too long.  The other night I had a bin full of water beads and saw my opportunity.  The best part about this sensory activity is that the set up literally takes a minute (assuming you have already hydrated water beads).  I grabbed a can of shaving cream, filled up a sensory bin and invited my boys to join me in some messy play!
Sensory activity with two favorite sensory materials - boost fine motor skills through play!

Shaving Cream and Water Beads Sensory Play

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We have explored with water beads in many ways including in the play pool, frozen, and we have even made them GLOW!  *Please note that water beads should not be ingested.  I remained close the entire time my two year old twins explored with the sensory materials.  Do not use with children who are likely to try to eat them.*

Shaving cream is another sensory material used often in our house.  It is so inexpensive and easy to clean.  A few of our favorite sensory activities using shaving cream include mixing with Kool Aid, using as snow in small world play, mixing with watercolors and adding to the play pool.

Combining two of our favorite sensory materials was genius and a huge hit with all four kids.

The shaving cream makes coats the water beads, making them harder to grasp.  Trying to pinch a water bead is great for improving fine motor skills.

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