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August 13, 2012

Frozen Water Beads

Sensory Play with Frozen Water Beads

Stay cool and turn this favorite sensory activity into a CHILLY recipe for play

It's summer, and we are all about the ice and water play!  We love playing with water beads, and I thought it would be fun to experiment with water beads and find out what happens when you freeze them.  Frozen water beads turned out to be a whole new sensory experience.  All of my boys were a fan, but my toddler twins were particularly attracted to the cold and bumpy texture of the frozen water beads.

Summer fun with frozen WATER BEADS

How to Make Frozen Water Beads

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Directions:  To freeze the water beads, first I left them soaking in a bin of water to hydrate.  Water beads start off tiny and grow as they absorb water.  Once they were fully hydrated I stuck the entire container in the freezer and left it overnight.

We played with our bin of frozen water beads on a particularly hot day.  Once the water beads melted, we were left with a bin full of squishy, broken water beads, creating an entirely new sensory activity.  J-Bug (3) joined us at this point, and he couldn't keep his hands out of the bin.

Water beads goo - a new sensory play idea with water beads

He loved the way the water bead goo squeezed between his fingers and oozed out of his hands.

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Frozen water beads - a summer fun sensory activity to stay cool

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