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November 15, 2012

Turkey Math - Dice Game for Preschool and Kindergarten

In the spirit of the rapidly approaching turkey day I set up a fun craft and dice game for JZ (5) and J-Bug (3).  First they decorated cardstock like the face of a turkey and glued the face to a white piece of cardstock.  (We used cardstock, googly eyes, foam stickers and craft tape.)

They rolled a die.  Each boy glued recycled lids (applesauce, milk, and baby food pouches) to form the feathers of the turkey according to what he rolled.

This was an easy game for JZ, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

J-Bug was hilarious.  He cheered every time he rolled his die.

He didn't glue his lids in any particular design, but he did count what he rolled each time and adhere the correct amount of lids to his page.  Can you tell he really got into this?  It was too cute.

Their finished turkeys:

 More ideas for hands on math:


  1. Super original. Love the dice game + craft combo. I like funny looking crafts- makes it all the more original :) Pinning.

  2. I love this game! I don't have a bunch of lids, but foam shapes will work great too. Thanks for the idea!

  3. This is super fun. I think I'll just use some colored stickers instead of lids, but I can't wait to do this. My son loves it when he gets to use dice. He also loves stickers, so this activity will just be great!

  4. What a fun, creative idea! Your kiddo looks like he is having a blast =-)


  5. Ooooh crafting and math all rolled into one...I love it!! I especially love that you used recylced materials too. :)

  6. So cute, I love this activity! And what a great way to use up old lids!


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