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January 25, 2012

Men at Work (Moon Sand Construction Zone)

We were overdue for another round of cloud dough.  JZ has asked for it several times since the last time we made it.  When we made cloud dough for the first time I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, so I wasn't prepared.  This time I set out to do it right.  I bought this pack of small construction trucks that would fit in a sensory bin in an effort to keep the mess at least a little contained.  I also planned it for a day when we could play outside.
Last night as I was getting everything ready for today I had an idea.  Since this week we are studying day four of creation when God created the sun, moon, and stars, I decided it was time to make moon sand for the first time.  Yes I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with God creating the moon.  I also realize the boys really don't care about all of these theme details.  It makes it more fun for me to stay consistent with themes, so pardon my geekiness.  ;)

Anyway, I made the moon sand using the following recipe:

8 cups of sand
4 cups of corn starch 
2 cups of water

I mixed it all up in a bin and added the trucks.  JZ happened to see the bin before I was ready to take them outside to play, and he could hardly contain his excitement.

JZ used each truck for its given purpose. There was a digger, roller, bulldozer, dump truck and a grader. He had fun scooping, digging, dumping and rolling the sand.
JM thought the sand was cool for about five seconds.  Then he pulled the trucks out of the sand and rolled them around on the ground.  JZ didn't seem to care when JM commandeered the trucks.  He dug his hands in deep and played with the sand for a long time.  After about ten minutes of playing with the trucks on the ground JM got up and ran around in circles singing "Jingle Bells" at the top of his lungs.  Our neighbors must love us.

I didn't get all of this on film, because I was busy snuggling with two fussy babies.  Here is KO doing his best to look cute for the camera and hide the fact that he is having a hard week.  KJ was in my lap where KO ended up about thirty seconds after this photo.

Unlike our cloud dough that was so dirty by the time we were done playing in it, the moon sand should last awhile.  In a day or two I will put it out with different toys like little molds to make sand castles.  JZ gets really frustrated that he can't make castles out of regular sand, so I think he will love how this sticks when he  forms something.

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