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February 17, 2015

Oobleck Recipes

Hands down our favorite play recipe is Oobleck.  This non-Newtonian fluid is fun for kids and...well..adults too!

15 unique recipes and ways to play with OOBLECK

15 Ways to Play with Oobleck

Oobleck is so easy to make.  All you do is combine equal amounts of cornstarch and water.  I usually pour the cornstarch into a container first then slowly add water.  If you add too much the Oobleck will be runny.  I suggest working the mixture between your fingers to be sure you've mixed in all the cornstarch clumps before adding more water.  Of course you can add more cornstarch if the mixture is too runny, but sometimes that means opening a new container or not having enough cornstarch.  It's best to add the water slowly until you've got the right consistency.  If the mixture seems too firm and hard to play with, add a tiny bit more water.  You can add color, glitter, and much more.  I've gathered our favorite Oobleck recipes and put them together to create one amazing collection of ways to play with Oobleck.

Try color mixing with rainbow oobleck and learn about color theory.

Color mixing with Oobleck - science and sensory play for early learners

Did you know you can run on Oobleck?

Make sudsy goop for a fluffier play recipe and to extend the life of your Oobleck.

Read Bartholomew and the Oobleck then whip up a batch of glowing Oobleck.

Try mixing ice with cornstarch to create frozen Oobleck.  Add some lemons to heighten the sensory experience.

How to make frozen lemon Oobleck - sensory play for summer

Mix up a large batch of Oobleck in the play pool for a full body sensory experience.

Add a secret ingredient to make your Oobleck glow in the dark.

With a little bit of baking soda in the recipe, your Oobleck can fizz, pop, and bubble!

Erupting chocolate Oobleck - how cool is this?

Cut up a watermelon and mix it with cornstarch for a summer fun Oobleck recipe.

Color your Oobleck to go along with a theme or unit study.

Let your little one pretend to be a barista and whip you up a pumpkin spice Oobleck latte.

How to make pumpkin spice latte Oobleck for fall sensory play

Use your subwoofer to make Oobleck dance.

Make a fun dough recipe then add water to turn it into Oobleck.

Hide some fizzing treats inside Oobleck and watch the colors burst through.

Rainbow Burst Oobleck- Twodaloo

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