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May 24, 2014

Sparkly Paint Recipe

Homemade Glitter Paint - Recipe for Play

3 ingredient recipe for SPARKLY paints that take 2 minutes to prep!

Okay seriously, this might be our most gorgeous homemade paint recipe yet.  It's so sparkly!  We made sparkly finger paint recently, and they made me so happy.  I wanted to make glitter paints again, but this time I wanted a quick, lo prep recipe for play. 

The most gorgeous glitter paint recipe ever, and it only takes two minutes to make!

How to Make Sparkly Paint

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How to make sparkly paints with three ingredients.

Directions:  I made these sparkly paints the same way I made our fall sticky paints.  I put roughly one tablespoon of corn syrup in a bowl and added some liquid water color paint and glitter.  I didn't measure.  You can see above about how much I used per batch.  I was pretty generous with the glitter, but I wanted the paint to really shine.

Dazzling sparkle paint recipe you can make in two minutes or less!

Once every color was mixed and ready I set them out on our picnic table alone with cardstock and paintbrushes.  Three of my boys immediately joined me at the table, eager to paint.

glitter paint recipe

This paint recipe is super glossy, and the glitter adds a spectacular shine.

how to make sparkle paints

Somehow all of our paint recipes become finger paints.  Corn syrup paint has a unique texture to it.  It is a tad bit sticky, although not so sticky that it doesn't spread easily.

The sparkly paints are super glossy when wet.

Glossy glitter paint recipe

They dry with more of a matte finish, and the paint holds up well on paper.

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Sparkly paint recipe perfect for open ended art projects

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this idea! My kids loved painting with the sparkles!

  2. I Love this! It's so simple but so much fun!

  3. Victoria where did you get those containers for the sparkle paints?


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