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May 27, 2014

Color Mixing with Slime

Exploring Color Theory - Science for Kids

Learning about primary and secondary colors with homemade SLIME - exploring color theory through fine motor play.

We love exploring color theory through simple play.  After watching the colors of our rainbow slime blend and combine beautifully I was inspired to set up a color mixing activity using slime.  I purposefully made our glitter slime in the three primary colors, so we could mix it to create secondary colors.  Recently on a super hot day we were stuck inside, so I pulled out our sparkly slime to do some mixing.

Learning about primary and secondary colors with SLIME.

JZ (6) looked at the color combos and predicted the outcomes we would end up with after mixing.

How to Explore Color Theory with Slime

Color mixing with homemade SLIME - exploring primary and secondary colors through play.

I let three of my boys (Tank wasn't interested in participating) choose two colors each to combine.

They each mixed the slime his own way.


Peanut (34 months) was so sweet, carefully kneading his slime together.  He was very determined and focused.  Digging his fingers into the slime demonstrated perfectly what a great material slime is for boosting fine motor skills.

Learning about secondary colors - color mixing with SLIME!

Once the boys were done mixing we were left with three new colors of slime in gorgeous shades of orange, purple, and green.  Learn how to make slime here.

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Exploring color theory with homemade slime.

More ways to explore color theory:

    Simple color theory science for kids with colored ice - kids will love mixing the ice and seeing the results!


  1. Ooo! We did something very similar yesterday, but this looks way more fun! Going to have to try this some time.

    I also wanted to let you know that I love your site – it is such a great resource! Because of this, I linked to your site as an additional resource in an eBook I just released titled “Preschool at Home: Creating a Custom Plan in Eight Easy Steps.” Definitely want to sent people here for more great information on preschool at home!

    You can check out the eBook here – http://www.simplelifemessylife.com/free-downloads-2/

    Thanks for all the work you do putting this site together!


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