February 18, 2014

Rainbow Quick Paints

Rainbow Homemade Paint Recipe

Two minute homemade paint recipe - only three ingredients!

It's no secret that we love homemade paint recipes.  One of our favorite recipes to fall back on for a quick art session is our quick paints recipe.  We've made apple scented quick paints and candy corn quick paints, and since we've been all about the rainbows lately I mixed up a batch of rainbow quick paints.

How to Make Rainbow Quick Paints

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How to make sparkly homemade rainbow paints in just two minutes!

Directions:  Squirt shaving cream into small containers then add a dollop of washable paint.  Food coloring or liquid watercolor paint may be used in place of the washable paint.  Top with a bit of glitter then mix.

Tank and Peanut (25 months) practically tripped over each other racing to the table as I carried out our rainbow quick paints.  They were squealing with joy when I pulled out the shaving cream and started mixing.

The paints are washable and easily rinse off of skin, clothing, and surfaces with warm water.

We are all about the process around here.  If you are looking for a paint recipe that dries well simply add school glue to the quick paints.  The glue holds the paint together and adheres it to the paper.

As you can see, shaving cream is also a favorite sensory material in our house.

Quick paints can certainly get messy!   Here are tips for messy play as well as laundry tips to avoid stains and keep clothes bright.

I love watching Tank concentrating hard while creating.

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  2. Then how is it paint if you're adding paint?

    1. The paint is simply used for color. We didn't add much. We have made this recipe many times and often use food coloring, liquid watercolors, etc. The "main" ingredient in the paint recipe is the shaving cream. How you choose to color it is up to you. :)


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