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November 30, 2013

Homemade Paint Recipe {Christmas Confetti Paint}

Christmas Art for Kids - Homemade Confetti Paint Recipe

How to make Christmas confetti paints for art that shimmers and shines - just three ingredients!

I have been dreaming of making these since I made our original batch of confetti paints last summer.  I love sparkle and shimmer, and Christmas is the perfect time for some extra shine!  This is one of the most basic homemade paint recipes we've shared, because it only calls for three ingredients.  I love paint and play recipes that require little prep time.  Most often when I am preparing something for my boys, at least two of them are waiting anxiously at my side.  Today my younger three boys made some gorgeous Christmas art with these Christmas confetti paints.

Gorgeous homemade paint recipe perfect for Christmas time - amazing sparkle and shine!

How to Make Christmas Confetti Paint

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Directions:  I squirted clear hair gel into small containers and added liquid watercolors until I was satisfied with each shade.  I added star sequins and mixed well.  When I made my original confetti paints I used food coloring.  This time I wanted silver and gold, so I used liquid watercolor paint.  The final product was amazing.  This paint shimmered like no other paint I have ever made.

I love watching my two year old twins paint.  Peanut focuses on his art so intently.  Please note:  Hair gel should not be used with children who will be tempted to taste the paint.  Here are recipes for baby and young toddler safe paint.

He prefers to mix paint on a brush before touching the paper.  In this case, mixing the sparkly silver with the green produced dazzling results.

It was even better when he added some gold to the mix.  Of course we had Christmas music playing loudly while we painted, setting the mood.

J-Bug (4) only wanted to use the red.  He said the red was his favorite, and he only likes red.  Okay then.  :)

One of the many wonderful things about this homemade paint recipe is that it is so easy to achieve the shade you desire.  Most of our paints have a white base using either flour or cornstarch.  With this clear base only a small amount of coloring is needed.  If you like more vibrant colors, simply add a few more drops!

This is what the paint looks like when dry.  It has a shimmery watercolor effect.  

Christmas confetti paint recipe - just three ingredients in this sparkly art recipe!

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