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November 13, 2013

Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas and Birthday Ideas for Boys

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I'm back with more of my favorite gift ideas for boys.  Previously I shared stocking stuffers for boys, gift ideas for babies, gift ideas for toddlers, and gift ideas for preschool boys.  Today my list of gift ideas is geared towards 5-8 year old boys.  My oldest son JZ is currently six years old.  Many of the toys on this list can be used by older or younger children, and of course girls will love many of these suggestions, too!  I only title it for boys, because I have four boys.  I know what they love, and that is what I write about.  All of these would make fantastic presents for Christmas and Birthdays.

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10 Toys for Boys

Hex Bugs Set -  JZ  is getting this zipline set this year from my sister.  These looping sets look pretty awesome, but they are a bit pricier.

Legos - Duplos were on my gift ideas for toddlers list, and I said that I prefer the  assorted blocks versus the sets since they are more open ended.  While this is still true for older kids, I have to say the set a really stinking cool.  JZ has recently gotten really into Lego City.  He picked out this cargo terminal set on our vacation in September, and we are getting him this fire station set for Christmas.

Razor Scooter - JZ got one of these for his sixth birthday, and he loves racing around on it.

Superheros - I know my older boys would love this Marvel superhero set.  If I didn't already have something picked out for them I would get it.  The individual action figures can be purchased separately.  J-Bug (4) has Captain America and plays with it often.

Nerf Guns - My boys play with each other and their friends for hours with their Nerf guns.  I prefer Nerf guns to any other brand or type of toy gun since kids can actually practice shooting at a target with soft ammo.

Bow and Arrow - Along the same lines of the Nerf guns, I love this bow and arrow set, because it comes with a target.  My parents got JZ this for his sixth birthday, and it is a great toy set.  The arrows have suction cups and really stick to the target when hit with enough force.

Bey Blades - In my stocking stuffers for boys post I suggested Bey Blades as a stocking stuffer.  There are several cool Bey Blades sets like this Destroyer Dome set.  So far my boys only have the individual Bey Blades.  When they get a bit older we will probably get them one of the fancy sets.

Soccer Goal - JZ loves soccer and constantly asks us if we want to kick a ball with him.  Last Christmas my parents got him this soccer goal and pitch back set, and it quickly became a favorite with all four boys.

Remote Control Cars - This Mini Buggy is inexpensive and the perfect starter RC car.  We have two of these, and my older boys love them.  The batteries are rechargeable, and the car gets around pretty darn fast.  We also have two of these RC Monster Trucks.  They are very durable.  The downside is that they aren't rechargeable.

Wood Working Kit - JZ loves to work closely with my husband and tag along on any projects.  I know he'd enjoy having his own wood working kit to experiment with and build.

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  1. Thanks for the share! I really love Nerf gun idea, that is right up my youngest son's alley! Another thing you could add would be some type of new clothing or shoes. I know you must think I am crazy but I just bought my son a new pair of these kids animal slippers and so far I haven't seen him take them off!

  2. Great list! Love these ideas! Some more great ideas for this age range are k'nex, Snap Circuits, and the thing I am most excited to give my 7 year old this Christmas is a Spin Disc! Check it out on youtube (search "gym spin versus"). Its about $119 on amazon. It's like a sit n spin for older kids (up to 125 lbs).

    1. Whoooooa that is so cool!!! I totally want to get one for my kids!!!


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