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March 27, 2013

Tabby McTat, The Musical Cat - Julia Donaldson {March Virtual Book Club for Kids}

The featured author in March for the Virtual Book Club for kids is Julia Donaldson.  The boys and I picked out a few of her books from the library and quickly fell in love with Tabby McTat, the Musical Cat.  The story of Tabby McTat is one of friendship, music, and loyalty.  

To bring the book to life we made homemade guitars from shoe boxes and cat masks.  It took about twenty minutes to make a set for both JZ (5) and J-Bug (3).  I failed as a blogger in this post, because although I was wearing my camera around my neck the entire time I hardly took any photos of the process!  The boys were way too excited about their masks for me to take the time to snap shots of each step along the way.  

Supplies for the masks:
(amazon affliate links)
I cut paper long enough to wrap around each boys' head.  I folded the headband into thirds to make sure it was thick and wouldn't tear.  Then I stapled it into place.

We cut cat ears from blue construction paper and smaller pink pieces for the inside of the ears which we attached with a glue stick.  We also cut out a triangle nose from blue paper.  I wish I would have taken a photo of the nose piece.  I drew a triangle with a rectangle of paper about a half inch wide and an inch and a half long above the triangle to attach the nose to the headband.  I used a stapler to attach the ears and nose to the headband.

Then we wrapped a pink pipe cleaner  around the center of three black pipe cleaners for the whiskers.  We attached the pipe cleaners to the triangle nose using a hot glue gun.

Julia Donaldson books:

Supplies for the guitars:

I cut an oval out of the top of the shoe boxes  then we wrapped the shoe boxes with construction paper like a gift.  After wrapping I cut an oval out of the paper, lining it up with the whole in the box.  JZ and J-Bug picked out the color their wanted for their guitars.

Then we wrapped five rubber bands around each guitar.  As I was helping J-Bug with his rubber bands JZ disappeared outside.  He returned with a long, thin branch and said we needed it for the guitars. He asked Daddy to cut the branch in half, and we laced it through the rubber bands like a guitar handle.  I used two pieces of packing tape on each stick to keep it from moving.

Then we danced around the backyard singing, 
"Me, you and the old guitar how perfectly happy we are.  MEEEE-EW and the old guitar how PURRRR-fectly happy we are."

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  1. That top photo is cracking me up! What a fun book activity. Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.

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  3. Oh what great crafts. My son made a guitar like that at school too.
    Visiting via RedTedArt

  4. So stinkin cute! He is precious and I love guitar and whiskers.

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  7. That looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party.

  8. Adorable!! Love your backyard jam session.


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