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February 21, 2013

200+ Ideas for Messy Play

We love messy play!  My boys engage in some sort of messy play every single day.  Our messy play favorites range from finger paint to cloud dough to making our own silly putty.  There are so many ideas for messy play.  I feel like we could try something new every single day and not run out of ideas.

If messy play stresses you out I wrote a post about Tips and Tricks for Messy Play.  My Child's Play 101 - Messy Play post lists the benefits and importance of messy play.  Don't fear stains or faded clothing with these Laundry Tips and Tricks.

Messy Sensory Play 
Two Ingredient Multisensory Cloud Dough
Cloud Dough from Learn with Play at Home
Glitter Sensory Play
"Shivery Snow" for Outdoor Sensory Play this Summer from Learn with Play at Home
Make Your Own 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough from In Lieu Of Preschool
Sensory Bins to Teach Day and Night
Pete the Cat Sensory Walk from In Lieu Of Preschool
First Week of Preschool - Messy Play and Fun! from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Messy Art Recipes:  
Homemade Puffy Paint with Three Ingredients
Puffy Paint in the Microwave from Toddler Approved
Homemade Fingerpaint from Mess for Less
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Fluffy Bath Tub Paint from Housing a Forest
Homemade 3D Puffy Paint from In Lieu Of Preschool
Sidewalk Chalk Body Paint

Messy Process Art
Salt Paintings
Painting with Rolling Pins and Bubble Wrap from Mess for Less
Glue Canvas. Kids Art from Learn with Play at Home
Snow Art and Sensory Fun from In Lieu Of Preschool
Painting Just to Paint from Rainy Day Mum
Making Foil Prints
Feather Painting from Mess for Less
DIY Rolling Stamp from In Lieu Of Preschool
Exploding Art from Housing a Forest
Painting with Shredded Paper from Mess for Less
Painting without a Brush - Blow Painting from One Perfect Day
Shape Making with Mega Bloks from Mess for Less
Comb Painting from Learn with Play at Home
Marbled Painting - with Unexpected Results from One Perfect Day
Bubble Wrap Prints from Mess for Less
PVA Painting from Learn with Play at Home
Paint a Flower Pot from Learn with Play at Home
Puffy Paint {Math, Science and Sensory Play in Kids' Art} from One Perfect Day
Rainbow Messes from Toddler Approved
Nail Polish Art from Housing a Forest
Unusual Art Supplies from B-Inspired Mama
Silly Sensory Ball Painting from B-Inspired Mama
Kids' Art - Raised Salt Painting from One Perfect Day

Messy Ice Play
Bringing the Snow Inside from Housing a Forest
Preschool Snow Activities from B-Inspired Mama
Building with Ice Cubes
Aluminum Foil Frozen Paint Art in Preschool from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Indoor Snow Making Activities from Rainy Day Mum

Messy Seasonal and Holiday Play
Snow Cloud Dough from Rainy Day Mum
Cloud Dough Heart Cakes
Berry Egg-citing Easter Eggs from Mess for Less
Pumpkin Oobleck
Carving Pumpkins with Kids
Autumn Jello Sensory Bin
Simple Autumn Sensory Activity from B-Inspired Mama
Turkey Basting Bath from In Lieu Of Preschool
Christmas Bubbles from In Lieu Of Preschool
Gingerbread Cloud Dough from In  Lieu Of Preschool
Christmas Bubble Wrap from In Lieu Of Preschool

Messy Science Experiments
Running On Oobleck from Housing a Forest
Mixology 101
Potions and Mixes from Rainy Day Mum
Homemade Volcano from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Color Mixing and Oobleck
Fizz, Bubble and Pop! from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Fizzy Footprints from Toddler Approved
Dancing Oobleck from Housing a Forest
Goop from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Simple Messy Play
Five Ingredients for Sensory Preschool Play from B-Inspired Mama
Five Simple Sensory Bins for Babies and Toddlers
5 Fun Color Mixing Experiments for Preschoolers from B-Inspired Mama
Valentine's Sensory Play with Rice

Messy Playdough Activities
Play Doh Cupcake Fun from B-Inspired Mama
Painting with Playdough
Exploring Playdough with Kitchen Tools from One Perfect Day
Playdough Easter Eggs
Making Blackberry Playdough from Rainy Day Mum
Painting Playdough Letters
Chocolate Playdough from Parent Teach Play
Easy Homemade Playdough Tips and Tricks from One Perfect Day
Child Led Valentine's Playdough

Messy Fun with Food
Jello Sensory Bin
Experimental "Cooking" from Learn with Play at Home
Pretend Cooking with Real Scraps
Painting with Carrots from Mess for Less
Getting Messy - Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Tub from One Perfect Day
Painting Four Leaf Clovers
Pretend Play - Cooking a Feast from Rainy Day Mum
Painting with Apples

Messy Imaginative Play
The Lorax Sensory Bin with DIY Truffula Trees from In Lieu Of Preschool
Gluppity Glup and Schloppity Schlopp inspired by The Lorax
Indoor Messy Car Wash
Penguin Sensory Bin
Ocean Small World Play from Rainy Day Mum
Create a Dinosaur Island Small World Play Scene from One Perfect Day

Educational Activities that are Messy
Alphabet Fun "T" is for Truck Track Art from B-Inspired Mama
Silly Putty Sight Word Search
I Spy with Packing Peanuts from Toddler Approved
Expanding Vocabulary with Sensory Play
Shaving Cream Writing Practice
Alphabet Goo from Learn with Play at Home
Monster Brains Sensory Bin Scavenger Hunt from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Alphabet and Number Hunt Sensory Bin

Messy Slime, Putty and Goo
Slime - Slimy Silly Putty
Flubber! Gak! Fun! from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Two Ingredient Homemade Silly Putty
Dr. Seuss' Oobleck from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Stuck in the Gloop from Rainy Day Mum

Baby Safe Messy Play
Sensory Pudding Paint
Two Ingredient Baby Safe Paint
Instant Pudding and Ice from Rainy Day Mum
Homemade Paint Safe for Babies
Baby Play - Finger Paints from Rainy Day Mum
Bubbles and Colors in the Play Pool
Baby Play - Finger Painting from Rainy Day Mum
Sensory Baked Bean Squish and Snack from Learn with Play at Home
Edible Paint for Babies from Rainy Day Mum
Edible Sensory Paint for Babies
Oh Baby Simple Sensory Play
Process Art for Babies from Rainy Day Mum
Peppermint Oatmeal Sensory Play
Yogurt Spice Painting

Ultimate Messy Play
Oobleck and Color Mixing in the Play Pool
Tempura Paint in the Play Pool
Body Paint Slip and Slide

Messy Bath Time Activities
Antartica Small World Play Bath from In Lieu Of Preschool
Coconut Volcano Surprise from Parent Teach Play
Messy Sensory Shower from In Lieu Of Preschool

GLOWING Messy Play
Homemade Glowing Paint
Glow in the Dark Flubber Fun from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Glowing Ice
Bartholowmew and the Glowing Oobleck
Glowing Clean Mud
Glowing Paint Recipe
Glowing Jello Experiment

Messy Craft Time
Mess Free Pour Paint Rockets from Toddler Approved 
Paper Mache Light Up Globes from Housing a Forest
Kid Made Gift Wrap from Mess for Less
Egg Shell Collages
Shaving Cream Pumpkin Banner from Mess for Less
Paper Mache Clay Snowmen from Housing a Forest
Fall Fingerprint Tree from Mess for Less

Shaving Cream Messy Fun
Adventures in Shaving Cream
Color Mixing and Shaving Foam Fun from Rainy Day Mum
Shaving Cream Painting from In Lieu Of Preschool
Cleaning with Shaving Cream from Housing a Forest
Shaving Cream in the Play Pool
Shaving Foam Fun! from One Perfect Day
Painting with Shaving Cream from Mess for Less

Messy Bubbles
Fun with Bubbles from In Lieu Of Preschool
Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing a Forest
Homemade Indoor Bubble Solution from In Lieu Of Preschool

Messy Rainbows
Painting Rainbows with Marshmallows
Mosaic Rainbow Art for Kids from Parent Teach Play
Fun with Rainbows from Parent Teach Play
The Minneapolis Color Run from Housing a Forest


  1. What a fabulous website, I run sensory/Messy play activities in a Children's Centre and was looking for inspiration. Wow what a lot of wonderful ideas for our children to learn from and enjoy!

  2. If you take an example of childrens play centre equipment which are specially designed to make kids face the challenges. It is observed that children who involved in such activities have better approach to deal with challenges than the children who are not exposed to such facilities.


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