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November 28, 2012

Best Art Supplies for Kids

Our Favorite Art Supplies

It's no secret that we love art here at Learn~Play~Imagine.  I do my best to incorporate some form of art into our routine every single day.  Art gives children the ability to express themselves, studies have shown art is fundamental to brain function, art encourages speech development.  All of that can seem a little daunting.  No need to worry, you don't need to be an artist or an art teacher to expose your children to art.  Trust me, I speak from my own experience.  All you need are a few basic art supplies and a few uninterrupted minutes each day to give your children a good foundation in art.  Art is all about exploration and experimentation, so what are you waiting for?  Get yourself an art starter stash and get to creating!

Shopping for art supplies can be overwhelming.  I put together a concise list of basic supplies to start up your collection.  If you are looking to go beyond the basics, I included more supplies at the bottom.

Basic Art Supplies for Kids

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1.  Crayons
I told you it doesn't need to be overwhelming.  It doesn't get more basic than crayons, and drawing and coloring with crayons is art.  In fact, it's the perfect first art for young children.  I prefer giving my boys blank sheets of paper versus coloring books, so they can draw freely and use their own imagination.  Crayola is my favorite brand.

2.  Paint
My boys love to paint.  We paint almost every single day.  We've used many brands, and I always come back to Crayola.  You'll notice many of the items on this list are Crayola, because the quality can't be beat!  I also like Colorations brand, and their color suggestion are gorgeous.

You can get the Crayola assortment in 2 oz bottles:

Personally, I think it's worth the initial investment for the better value 16 oz bottles:

Most often we make our own paint.  Here is our complete collection of homemade paint recipes.

3. Brushes

We have a variety of brushes with different bristles.  I love this Crayola assortment for kids.  It is a great first set.

These round brushes are perfect for younger children.

Flat brushes are perfect for many projects.

Finally, watercolor brushes are ideal for watercolor projects.

In our house paint and supplies are out for my boys to use freely when they choose.  J-Bug (3) tends to be a bit clumsy.  These spill proof cups are true to their name.  I have seen him stack them like blocks only to watch the stack come crashing down (on more than one occasion).  Not once has a single drop leaked out.  Now that's money well spent:

Watercolors create a completely different painting experience:

Glitter is a must have in any craft cabinet:

JZ (5) draws almost daily with his colored pencils:

Chalk is another favorite around here:

Construction paper is a more economical choice, but we have the best luck with cardstock.  It is thicker and sturdier which is important for little hands:

Often I spread a piece of butcher paper over our toddler table and let the kids paint or color freely:

If you follow Train Up a Child you've probably noticed how many of our crafts include pom poms.  These inexpensive and easy to use pom poms open up the realm of possibility in arts and crafts:

Pipe cleaners are another common supply around here:

Crafts stickers are another inexpensive and open ended tool for creating art.  We love both the natural and the colored varieties:


Of course no collection of art supplies is complete without good scissors and glue.  I love Fiskars and Elmer's:

Those are the supplies I recommend for anyone who is getting started or looking to fill in the missing pieces to a collection.  As promised, I am also including some extras that take the creative possibilities to the next level.  All of these are favorites in our house and appear in the art my boys create on a regular basis.

Tissue paper squares:

Contact paper:

Craft tape:
Googly eyes:
Liquid watercolors (these are small bottles, but they go a long way):
Sponge rollers, great for paint or ink:

Do-A-Dot markers:


Pony beads:

Adhesive backed jewels:

Paint sponges:

Sponge daubers:

Stamping ink:

Foam stamps (I prefer these to rubber stamps for kids):


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  1. Great list! We already have most items on here but I really want an easel. Not sure I have the space to set it up in our small house, though!

  2. Hihi,

    Any idea where I can get most of these things?

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    1. Hi Linda,
      Click on each photo to be taken to amazon. :)


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