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October 29, 2012

Two Ingredient Multisensory Cloud Dough

Recipe for Play - Scented Cloud Dough

Have you experienced cloud dough yet?  We tried it for the first time last December, and it has been a favorite in our house ever since.  The basic recipe is 8 parts flour and 1 part olive oil.  You can use any oil ranging from baby oil to different cooking oils.  We prefer cooking oils since they are safe to eat, and therefore safe for little hands to play.

We store cloud dough in a closed container when not in use, and a batch lasts for many months.  We have never thrown out a batch because it got old.  We have only had to throw out batches after we've experimented by adding different toys and items to the sensory fun.

Cloud dough is very messy, so I recommend keeping it in a sensory bin and playing outside.  We have played with it inside as well.  I usually put down a shower curtain from Dollar Tree under the sensory bin to catch the stray bits.  Tip:  Add a drop of two of Dawn dishwashing detergent to the load of dirty clothes since cloud dough has oil in it.  We do this each time and don't have issues with stains.

Their are many ways to make cloud dough multisensory.  We've had fun adding coloring, spices and other mediums to cloud dough, but I recently discovered the most simple way to make our cloud dough colored and scented.  I bought a three pack of flavored olive oils from Costco a few months ago.  I find myself cooking with the basil and garlic flavors on a regular basis, but I don't often reach for the red pepper flavor.  Then it hit me.

Flavored olive oil and flour makes AMAZING multisensory cloud dough, and it is so SIMPLE!  With four young kids, anything I can do to simplify the prep makes me one happy mama.  The photos do not do the cloud dough justice.  The color is a soft orange.  The smell is magnificent  well if you like red pepper.  We very much like red pepper, but apparently we don't like cooking with red pepper oil.  (In case anyone is wondering it is not spicy red pepper.)  My boys have been playing with their multisensory cloud dough every day lately.  Next I plan to make basil cloud dough-yum!

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  1. This is so brilliant. I can't believe I never thought of using flavored oil. I will be making this later today.

  2. I have not done cloud dough with the boys yet, but really want to. Every post I see is another nudge to do it, especially since it is clear that it is easy, if messy. :)

  3. My kids love cloud dough. I've never thought of adding spices. I bet my kids would love that. Especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas you could use cinnamon and nutmeg. That's smell yummy.

  4. I keep meaning to try cloud dough with the twins...considering we try every other messy thing i can't believe we haven't tried this yet...love your twists on the basic! Those pics are gorgeous...will be featuring on my Kid's Co-Op post this week...thanks for sharing the fun!!

  5. Okay, why have I never made cloud dough before?? I really need to do this! Love your suggestions and tips. Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Discover & Explore!

  6. Just made this with my son we used coconut oil (yummy!!) it's great and so easy thank you x


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