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October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Oobleck

We love making Oobleck.  It's so simple and inexpensive.  JZ requests Oobleck on a regular basis.  We've explored Oobleck in many ways.  One favorite is with colored ice.  Until this week it has still been like summertime around here despite being fall, so when I saw pumpkin ice cube trays at Dollar Tree my first thought was to make Pumpkin Oobleck.

I added one drop of red food coloring and three drops of yellow to each pumpkin shape in the tray.  I filled them with water and left the ice trays in the freezer.  Once frozen I popped the pumpkin ice cubes out on top of one container of cornstarch.  Oobleck is made by combining equal parts of water and cornstarch.  When we use ice we start with the ice and add water as needed.

As the ice melts in the warmth of your hand it mixes with the cornstarch to make Oobleck. 

I love watching the process as the colored water mixes with the cornstarch.

If the process is too slow for your little ones, add a little water.

Once the water starts really mixing with the cornstarch it is fun to see the colors slowly swirl as the ice continues to melt.

Feel free to add some pumpkin pie spice to add to the sensory experience.

Then dig in with your kids and experience Oobleck!

Somehow feet always end up in the Oobleck.

To minimize the clean up I put a shower curtain from Dollar Tree down on the tile floor.  For any stray splatters, Oobleck wipes clean with warm water.  Of all the messy, sensory play we love Oobleck is probably the easiest to clean.

Here are more ways to play with Oobleck: 

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  1. I used your lead and tried to make some oobleck this week with my kids. We tied it into our Virtual Book Club Book. Didn't get the mixture quite right but we had fun watching the colored ice cubes melt and mix with the cornstarch.


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