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October 24, 2012

Halloween Tot Trays

I am so behind on posting about our school work, so I decided to post photos of J-Bug's trays for the week now.  Knowing me I won't get around to posting action shots until Halloween is long gone.  We've been doing more arts and crafts than trays lately, so they are fairly simple.

1.  Deviled egg platter, scoop and ping pong balls.  I found a pack of a dozen with spooky eyes and added three from our regular stash to have enough for each slot on the tray.  J-Bug scooped them from the center to each spot.  This is good for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and one to one correspondence.  All items were purchased from Dollar Tree.

2.  I found foam stickers at Dollar Tree and made patterns.  J-Bug continued the patterns.  I put the necessary stickers in a container on the tray and not any extra to avoid overwhelming or frustrating him.

3.  I printed the counting sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Under the top sheet are the numbers 6-10.  I put purple baths in a container for J-Bug to count out in the boxes.  I found the bats in the Target dollar bins.

4.  The final tray consists of a simple stamp set I found at Dollar Tree and an orange piece of paper for open ended creativity.

That's it for the week for J-Bug, short and simple.  As always we read many books, paint often, play outside as much as possible and cuddle.  I love doing preschool at home.

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For more ideas follow my Tot Trays board on Pinterest.


  1. I made the goo, cornstarch and water, for my 14 month old and he LOVED it. Thanks for the great tips and ideas my family is benefiting from all of it!

  2. Love these! I need to start something like this for my son.

  3. I love the eyeballs! We are going to use your idea for the counting sheet, that's just brilliant and can be used for any theme.


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