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July 8, 2012

Tot Preschool - Mm is for Moon


*J-Bug is currently 38 months old*

J-Bug is never required to participate in school time.  I set up these trays to give him something educational and fun to do while JZ works.  I would give him toys only, but he requests work.  Like most younger siblings he is eager to keep up and be just like his big brother.  Please note:  I do not encourage pushing young children to do school work.  If you want to engage in educational activities with your young child remember that early learning is best accomplished through play.  I encourage you to follow your little one's cues and have fun!

Here is a glance at a few of J-Bug's Tot Trays for the week.

1.  Mm is for Moon sheet with dot stickers for fine motor practice.  The printable is from Our Little Monkeys.
2.  Dollar Tree solar system puzzle for problem solving.
3.  Tweezers to transfer pom poms to an ice tray (Dollar Tree).  Fine motor practice and one to one correspondence.  
4.  Rocket printable from Teach Beside Me and supplies to make a straw rocket.  (Click the link for instructions.)
5. Water, eye dropper and ice cube trays for water transfer.  This is great for developing the muscles needed to hold a pencil, and let's face it, it's just plain fun.
6.  Space math puzzles from Our Little Monkeys.
7.  Supplies to make a moon painting.
9.  Letter m from our Lace and Link Letters .
10.  Mm printable from  Our Little Monkeys in a page protector and playdough.
11.  A container with stir sticks. (Dollar Tree)

A few highlights from the week:

We made Glitter Fireworks with straws, glue and glitter.  I saw the idea on Mama's Little Muse.


It became more of a sensory experience, as most of our projects do.

Lately the boys' favorite past time is riding their bikes.  JZ commandeered J-Bug's bicycle, but J-Bug is perfectly happy on his Big Wheel.  They ride for hours each day.

The boys used our squishy bag for sensory letter practice.

Here are action photos of the trays:

J-Bug said he "made fireworks!" when he pushed the sticks through the holes.  He was very excited.

"Mommy I'm a space traveler alien robot!"
(More about our space helmets in tomorrow's post.)

The favorite tray for the week:

The board of J-Bug's completed work:

We made GLOWING Aliens to go along with our space theme.

We did an exercise to classify positive and negative behaviors for character development week in the MeMeTales Readathon.

If you haven't yet linked up to The Sunday Showcase, now is your chance!


We had a full week of hands on learning about the moon and solar system.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to read more!


  1. Looks great as always! I hadn't seen the solar system puzzle before, I really like it!

  2. Very creative!!! And, you know, those pins in the can *do* look like a firework exploding in the sky. :O)

  3. I love your trays this week! The glowing aliens are awesome!

  4. I found you through the Homeschool Creations blog hop. I love your trays. I'm always needing things to keep my 4 year old entertained while the older ones are doing their school work.

  5. I wish I were brave enough to try glitter! Xander would just eat it. Thanks for linking up to BBB!

  6. Wow so many fun ideas and activities! Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!


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