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June 8, 2012

The Weekly Kid's Co-op - Come and Play!

As always, the Weekly Co-op brings out the best ideas around.  Thank you to all of the wonderful contributors to our party.  

Here are my top three favorites:

1.  5 Beginning Yoga Poses from Raise a Boy:
Teaching children healthy habits is something I believe in starting young, and I love these doable poses for little ones.

Yoga Poses for Kids

2.  I can't wait to make our set of Clanking Can Wind Chimes like Stay at Home Educator did.  My little guys take pride in anything they make themselves that beautifies our home, and we especially love anything we can make using recyclables.

3.  The Good Long Road brings us a simple yet effective way to teach counting to young learners, so they understand and don't just memorize numbers.

Now let's see what you've been up to this past week!

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