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May 31, 2012

Oh Baby! Simple Sensory Play

At least once a week JZ requests to make Oobleck.  Making Oobleck is simple.  Mix equal parts of cornstarch and water.  We've experimented with it in many ways.

With all the fun we've had, I think JZ's favorite part continues to be the cornstarch.  He plays with the cornstarch for quite awhile before he is ready to add the water, and he always insists that I feel it, too.  I can see the draw.  Have you ever felt cornstarch?  I don't mean just touching a small amount.  I mean, have you ever really ran your hands through it?  That stuff feels so cool!

A few weeks ago (I am waaay behind on my blogging) the big boys explored frozen paint and Oobleck, a neat variance on Oobleck that one of my favorite bloggers, Growing a Jeweled Rose posted about.  We only added a small amount of water to the cornstarch and then watched the frozen paint cubes melt into the mix and create a rainbow of colors.  You can read more details about combing frozen paint and Oobleck (aka Goop) on this post from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

As I was gathering supplies for the older boys to play with the Oobleck, it occured to me that Oobleck is perfectly safe for the little guys to explore.  If they tasted it, well, it's cornstarch and water!  Who cares?  I sprinkled a fair amount of cornstarch onto a cookie sheet.

Seeing how much JZ loved rubbing his hands together in the cornstarch despite the fact that he has done it dozens of times made me hold off on adding water for the babies.  I decided I'd let them play with the cornstarch on its own.  

Look at that focus.  KO was really intent on figuring out what this white stuff was and what he was supposed to do with it.

Enter KJ.

He crawled directly over, lifted the cookie sheet, and dumped all the cornstarch onto the grass.

He even shook it a bit for good measure.

"Nailed it!" 

He seemed proud of himself, like he had accomplished a goal, LOL.

And then...He discovered that his big brothers had a large bin full of more cornstarch, water and enticing colors, and he was off!

Oddly enough, he reached the sensory bin but never actually stuck his hands in it.

What fun sensory goodies has your baby explored lately?

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