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May 8, 2012

Oh Baby! Discovery Bin

A few months ago I posted about being more intentional in play with my babies.  I intended to do a weekly feature showcasing the ideas I implement with KJ and KO.  Well, that obviously didn't happen, LOL.  While I haven't blogged about it, I have certainly kept up with intentional and stimulating play with my little guys.  I may never catch up and post all the activities, but I'd like to share a few favorites.

I made a Baby Discovery Bin for them a few months ago.  (When I took these photos the jeans KO is wearing were too long.  Now he doesn't even fit in them!  How does time fly?!?)

My Discovery Bin was inspired by THIS POST from Montessori on a Budget.  I call it a Discovery Bin instead of Treasure Basket for one simple reason.  If I call it a Treasure Basket JM and JZ will want it for themselves, LOL.  Somehow by calling it a Discovery Bin, the big boys have never showed any interest.

The Discovery Bin has been a huge hit with my little guys.  

I keep it in the studio where I do school work with the big boys, so the little ones have something to explore.

It's a great tool for one of them to play with while I'm nursing the other.

I hope it goes without saying, but please choose caution while determining what to fill your Discovery Bin with should you make one for your baby.  The items in our are not toys and are not specifically made for babies.  They are safe, but they aren't toys.  My babies do not play in the studio when I am not in here with them.

Our original bin included:

(The one we have is NOT sharp.)
(*This is the item I had in mind when I said choose with caution-I would not leave them unattended with one of these in case they fell forward while it was in their mouth.)

I add and take away items every week.  Other items include:

empty containers
rubber utensils

Basically anything around the house with a cool texture that I feel comfortable letting them touch, taste and feel.

Be sure and check out the Treasure Baskets from my blogging friends, Trial and Error Mama and H is for Homeschooling.

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