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April 29, 2012

Tot School - Transportation Unit

*JM is currently 36 months old*

Our themes for the week were Transportation and Letter K

Tot School

Here is a glance at JM's Tot Trays for the week.

All printouts are from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Letter of the Week curriculum with the exception of the Cars prewriting sheet which is from a Cars preschool pack from 1+1+1=1.

JM never touched the tray with the wooden pattern blocks, which is surprising.  He usually loves those.  He did the puzzle once but didn't seem too thrilled.  Other than that, the trays were visited many times throughout the unit.  He repeated each activity again and again.  I printed the kite puzzle and laminated it (Scotch Thermal Laminator).  I added magnetic tape to the back of each piece then let JM assemble it on a cookie sheet.  After putting the kite puzzle together he wanted to do "my other puzzle", so he grabbed one of his favorite Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.

After laminating and cutting out each kite I punched a hole in the bottom and attached a pipe cleaner of the same color.  Then I put green, purple, yellow and blue beads in a bowl.  JM slid each bead on the matching pipe cleaner.  This activity was perfect for color sorting and fine motor skills, and best of all, he LOVED it.  JZ had to get in on the fun, too.

He traced the lines from the car to the trophy, both with his finger and with a marker.  He did this sheet several times (by choice) and told a story each time.  It was sweet to listen to his thoughts.

One of JZ's tasks was graphing the number of bows on a kite.  JM wanted a turn, so I gave him a few of the cards to count and graph.  He decided he didn't like graphing as much as filling each spot with translucent counters.  ;-)

In case you haven't noticed from other school posts, math links are a favorite around here.  This tray had number cards with a hole punched in each.  JM attached the correct number of links to each card.  He did these cards each day this tray was out, and he reached for this tray every time I nursed in the studio.  Counting, one to one correspondence and fine motor skills and a whole lot of fun were experienced with one simple tray!

As usual, we read a LOT.  My boys can't seem to get enough books, and I couldn't be more delighted to read to them.  There's nothing better than curling up with my little ones and enjoying a good book.

I set up the supplies to make this clothespin and popsicle stick airplane one evening:
(Photo is from Be Different, Act Normal who got it from Parents.com.)

JM was thrilled to see the paints set out.  He often paints on his own, but he gets especially excited when I initiate it.

He painted a few of the popsicle sticks, but he was much more enthralled with painting on the cookie sheet.  We did that instead.  :-)

One day I made this snack for the boys:
(Photo is from Bent On Better Lunches.)

A few other fun activities we did that I blogged about separately are linked under each photo:

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