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March 26, 2012

Pinterest Friendly Blog

About a month ago I made a late night post rambling about Pinterest terms.  You can read it HERE.  There has been quite a lot of talk about the Pinterest terms in the blog-o-sphere recently.  Many people have closed their Pinterest accounts or threatened to close their accounts unless Pinterest was willing to make some changes to their terms.  I received an e-mail stating that they are, in fact, making some changes.  HERE is where you can read the new Pinterest terms that will be effective beginning April 6.

I am glad they are listening to their users and making some much needed changes.  One major shift from the original Pinterest terms is that they removed the section giving them the right to sell any content a user pins.  They are smart to remove that from their terms, because that was, understandably, a huge deal breaker for many people.

The "member content" portion is also worded differently.  Previously Pinterest made it clear that users may only pin photos and content which they had ownership of.  The wording is different now.  In my opinion, they seem to be skirting the issue of ownership in the new terms to make it less intimidating and to avoid losing more users.

Regardless of the new member content terms, I am once again making it clear that you have permission to pin anything from my blog.  I kindly ask that you link back to me if you use an idea or suggestion and give credit where credit is due.  I am careful to track my ideas and link back when I blog, and I appreciate the returned favor.  For non-bloggers, linking back is irrelevant.  You may use Pinterest (as do I) for its intended purpose, to be a visual pin board to keep track of all the incredible ideas floating around.  When you pin from my blog, the link is automatically connected, so if someone else repins something from you it will lead them to my blog.

Since reading the terms last month I have been wary of pinning from blogs that don't have a "Pin It" button or a badge welcoming pinners to pin away.  It has been a bummer, because I need visual reminders for all of the awesome inspiration I read on the web each week.  There are countless creative and talented people out there sharing their ideas each day.  I hate to miss out!

I am joining with a group of fellow bloggers, hosted by Zina of Lasso the Moon in creating a network of Pinterest friendly blogs.  If you are a blogger I invite you to link up if you welcome Pinterest users to pin from your blog.  If you are a reader I invite you to browse the linked up blogs and get inspired and, of course, feel free to pin anything that strikes you.

If you are a blogger who wishes to NOT allow images to be pinned from your site, read THIS.

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