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February 1, 2012

Ocean Wonders Sensory Bin

Oh this was a hit for sure.  I think of all the sensory bins I've ever made the boys, this was their favorite.  This week we've been discussing day five of creation when God created sea creatures and birds, so I thought an ocean bin would be something cool to explore.  To say I was right is an understatement. 

With each new discovery came the questions.

"Why are there rocks?"

"Why is there sand?"

"What are these?"  (pebbles)

"Wow, why did you put water beads in here?"

This was by far the most educational sensory bin, and that wasn't even planned.  It's a perfect example of how children learn when they are interested in the topic.  One of the reasons I love teaching them myself is having the freedom and flexibility to teach according to their interests.

They pulled out each sea creature and asked what it was called and what it did.

JZ thought the ocean water should be blue, so we added food coloring.


I was amazed at their ability to keep the water in the bin.  They were so intent on the details that it never occurred to them to splash around.  I was surprised they never asked for scoops and other containers like they typically do.  They were too caught up in all the animals and textures of the ocean.  (Well, as many as I could recreate in a small bin.)

Mr. Nap Fighter looked on with heavy eyes.

They were uncharacteristically quiet.  They asked questions and made a few noises, but their usual explosion sound effects were forgotten.

"Thanks Mom!"

The contents:
Moon Sand
(I used some sand from our moon sand bin to act as the bottom of the ocean.)
blue food coloring
(for scent)
(I found some for $2 at Wal-Mart that are clear with a design in the center of each marble that reminded me of algae and coral.  I wanted to actually replicate these things, but I can only spend so much money and time preparing these bins.  The benefit of the marbles was that it added another stone like texture.)
water beads
(I used some from our most recent batch to represent bubbles in the water.)

I have a feeling this bin will be around for awhile.

I'd love to see your ideas for ocean sensory bins.  If you have blogged about one, feel free to link it in the comments.

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  1. Replies
    1. It really was fun to experience with them. :)

  2. These sensory bins are such an awesome idea! I made my first one for my little guy today. I'm so excited to get your emails for lots more fun!


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