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January 28, 2012

Moon Balloons

J-Bug and JZ love glow sticks and balloons.  Combine the two, and we have hours of active fun.  This is one of the boredom busters that I keep in my back pocket.  I have glow sticks and balloons on hand at all times, so when the boys seem to have excess energy and need that energy funneled into a safe direction I whip these babies out.  They never let me down.

The photos are all blurry, because getting a young child to stand still for three seconds with balloons in his hand is next to impossible.  ;)

TIP:  The first time we did this I used long, skinny glow sticks.  It was tricky to get the sticks in the balloon.  Now I use the shorter, fatter kind like this:  
Glow Sticks.

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