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December 31, 2011

Quick and Easy Water Exploration

I love playing with my kids and setting up big projects.  However, sometimes we don't have time or energy for the whole shebang.  Some projects take too much prep time or are hard to clean up (cloud dough anyone?).  While I still enjoy the more involved activities and try to do them often, some days we moms need fast, easy ideas to entertain our children.

One of my favorites is water play in the sink.  It takes less than two minutes to set up, and it entertains the boys for at least a half hour.  During that half hour I can chop veggies for dinner, tidy up, play with the babies, etc. while still being close by and interacting with them.  (And supervising to be sure the water doesn't end up all over the floor.)

I plug both drains in the sink, add a drop of soap (because what kid doesn't like a little bubble fun?), fill with warm water about halfway full, and add a few containers for scooping and pouring.  This time I gave JZ and JM each two small tupperware containers, a funnel, and a couple bubble blowing tools.

The rules are simple:  Water stays in the sink and no unplugging the drain.  JZ loves to let the water drain and refill.  If it didn't waste water I wouldn't care, but we've talked a lot about waste.

Let the fun begin!

Sorry for the poor quality photos.  I was holding a cute baby in my arms while taking them.  :)

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