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November 15, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge

I don't know about you, but I don't need another way to waste time.  When a friend turned me onto Pinterest, my first thought was that I shouldn't get started.  I've been trying to work on being more productive, not less.  Well, after spending some time on Pinterest and seeing all of the fun ideas and inspiration I can gain from it I decided that it is only a waste of time if I let it become one.  My personal goal is to try two things I pin each week.  I want to pick one from the crafts or activity ideas I've pinned for kids, and I want to try one new recipe each week.

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a play date with my playgroup, and we made these Turkey Apples from HERE.

Ours looked a bit different from the pictures, but the kids sure had fun putting them together.  The three and four year olds really enjoyed making their turkeys.  The two year olds just wanted to eat all the snacks.  Who can blame them?

An idea I tried this week that I pinned a few weeks ago was to cut up pictures of animals and tape them to blocks (we used LEGO DUPLOS ) and let your toddler put them together.  I got the inspiration from I Can Teach My Child.  This was such a genius idea!  JZ happened to come into my studio the night I was putting them together, so he enjoyed playing with them right away.  I put them on one of JM's Tot Trays yesterday.  At first he got excited to play with blocks and stacked them all in a large tower.

Then he said he was all done with blocks and put them back on the tray and moved on to another tray.  I wanted to get a photo of the animal blocks, so when he saw me putting them together correctly he shrieked, "Animals!  Mommy, animals!"  He was thrilled and wanted to play with them again and talk about each animal and make the appropriate animal sounds.  It was so stinking cute!  I love his excitement.  It makes all of the time I put into these activities completely worth it.

My recipe for this week was  Clean Eating Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Protein Bars. Oh my goodness these are so good!  My kids love cereal bars, and I have been on the hunt for a recipe for healthy bars with natural ingredients.  Every recipe I've tried so far has either been disgusting or has contained way too much sugar, so we continue to buy Kashi bars.  I think I've found my Kashi replacement.  These bars are good, filling and healthy.  They make the perfect snack.  I'm excited to try her recipe for Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars next!

What have you been Pinning?  I invite you to take the Pinterest Challange with me and try AT LEAST one new idea each week.

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