May 16, 2014

Sparkly Slime Recipe

Sparkly Slime - Recipe for Play

How to make super sparkly glitter slime.  The perfect amount of squishy, rubbery, stretchy, and sparkly!

The boys are so in love with our latest batch of slime!  We love making homemade slime, and we were due for a new batch.  Slime generally lasts for many months, but our rainbow slime unfortunately got left outside a few weeks ago.  Oh well, it was the perfect excuse to make a brand new batch!  As you know we love slime and always have a batch ready for play.  Slime is so easy to make and fun to play with, providing hours of stretchy, pulling, bubble blowing, giggling fun.  Just be sure to store it in an airtight container, so you can play with it again and again.

How to make sparkly slime - our favorite two ingredient base recipe with added color and the best glitter on the market.

How to Make Sparkly Slime

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Directions:  As with most of the recipes for play that we share, exact measurements are not important.  Making slime is all about sensory play, so different results are to be expected.  For this batch I made three colors.  For each color I used one 5oz. container of clear school glue, and I mixed in roughly the same amount of liquid starch.  Liquid starch can be found in a grocery store near the laundry detergent.

I added liquid watercolors to each container of slime along with a good amount glitter.  As I mentioned when we made sparkly finger paint I am now addicted to Discount School Supply's plastic glitter.  Seriously, no other glitter is even half as cool.  We have made sparkly slime many times, and this is by far the best batch ever.

There are several ways to make slime, and the truth is that you can't go wrong.  Sometimes the boys mix up the slime, working the ingredients together in their hands until the desired consistency is achieved.  Other times, like this one, I put all the ingredients in a dish, cover with a lid, and leave it alone for awhile.  I mixed this batch with my hands once the next day to be sure all the color and glitter mixed in well.  Then the slime sat on our kitchen counter untouched for a couple weeks.  We sort of forgot about it until today.

stretchy, sparkly, rubbery, oozing glitter slime - so easy to make!

We were stuck inside due to wildfires surrounding the area we live in, so we needed some indoor friendly activities.  Slime washes clean from wood, tile, plastic, glass, etc., so it is the perfect indoor play recipe.  It will even come out of carpet with hot soapy water and some serious scrubby, but I recommend avoiding that when possible.

We love this simple recipe for sparkly slime!

Slime is a sensory material that is best when aged a bit, in my opinion.  Like I mentioned, you can mix it and play with it on the spot, but I prefer the texture and consistency of slime after it has been in an airtight container for a couple weeks.  It's the perfect amount of stretchy and rubbery.

Gorgeous sparkly slime - recipe for play

I exaggerate not, my boys played with this slime for two solid hours.  They played on our kitchen floor, so all the potential mess was contained.

How to make stretchy, sparkly, gorgeous SLIME

Another awesome benefit to slime is that it works the muscles used for writing, building fine motor skills.

glitter slime recipe

All four of my boys ages 6, 5, and 34 month old twins played together happily.  I do not recommend this recipe for children who still taste everything.  For edible, baby safe recipes visit Blog Me Mom and Fun at Home with Kids.

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  1. Replies
    1. If it's stringy it probably needs more liquid starch. Add in about a spoonful at a time.

  2. does it have to be clear glue ?

  3. How much slime does each batch make? I want to place these in small cups with lids and hand out as party favors. Not sure how many batches I should make for 22 - 4 oz cups.

    1. I'm sorry, I'm not the best at measuring. I would say 4 small bottles of clear glue would be enough, but I'm kind of guessing.

  4. Have you ever used the borax recipe for slime instead of this one and if so which turns out better?

    1. I like the consistency of this recipe much better, although both work well. This one is so simple to make, so it's my preference.

  5. My slime is sticking to the kids hands. I added a little more liquid starch but still sticks. Has this happened to you?

  6. The white glue from the dolar general don't work for some reason

  7. Do you need to use liquid starch


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